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Body Contouring
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Body Contouring

The term ‘Body Contouring is applied to a wide surgical range of procedures, that are used to alter the shape of a body. The procedures involve a combination of excision of excess skin and fat, lifting and anchoring the soft tissues in a higher and more aesthetic position. The procedures are usually combined with liposuction to achieve an optimum result.

Over a period of time, due to relentless pull of gravity, aging, accumulation of excess body fat, repeated pregnancies, frequent and severe changes in body weight and a number of other factors, a human body loses its shape. Another recent cause of this loss of shape is the huge reduction in body weight that occurs as a result of Bariatric Surgery. Bariatric Surgery is carried out by the G.I. surgeon in a severely obese patient, so as to enable a patient to lose body weight.

The net result of all these causes is sagging of face, breasts, abdominal panniculus, arms (resulting in bat’s wings type of appearance on lifting both arms to shoulder level), thighs and buttocks. These issues are addressed with the help of Body contouring Surgery. It is often referred to as ‘Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery’ , when carried out in that patient population. Other common procedures in Body Contouring Surgery are Arm Lift (Brachioplasty), Breast Lift (Mastopexy), Tummy Lift (Abdominoplasty), Lower Body Lift (Thigh and Buttock Lifts).

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