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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

4. Surgery of Birth Defects : Those individuals, who are born with birth defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate, craniofacial defects, limb defects, chest wall defects, meningomyelocoeles etc can be treated with the help of Plastic Surgery. This is dealt with in detail, elsewhere in this website.

5. Treatment of Burns : Management of burn injuries, healing of wounds, release of post burn contractures, relief from hypertrophic scars etc is an integral part of Plastic Surgery.

Case -19
A patient with deep burn injuries, shown before, during operation and after recovery.
Case -20
Examples of superficial (second degree) burns.
Case -21
Examples of deep (third and fourth degree) burns (electrical)
Case -22
A patient with acid burns and after recovery.
Case -23
Patient with severe post burn contracture of upper eyelid (inability to close the eye), shown before and after operation.
Case -24
Patient with severe post burn contracture of right axilla, before and after operation.He is now able to lift his right arm.
Case -25
Patient with post burn contractures of fingers, shown before and after operation.
Case -26
Patient with severe post burn contractures of knee, ankle foot and toes.
Case -27
Patient with presternal keloid. Showed good response to steroid injection.
Cases -28-35
Show hypertrophic scars and keloids.

6. Hand Surgery : Hand injuries, amputations, birth defects, nerve paralysis resulting in loss of function, tumours and other conditions are managed by Plastic Surgeons.

Cases -36
Gangrene of right thumb, treated by removal and coverage with cross finger flap.
Cases -37
Another case of injury with gangrene of thumb, treated by cross finger flap.
Cases -38
Fingertip injury. Treated by Atasoy (volar advancement) flap.
Cases -39
Fingertip injury. Treated by thenar flap.
Cases -40
Fingertip Injury. Treated by meticulous suturing and repair of nail bed.
Cases -41
Avulsion injury of index finger. Treated by groin flap.
Cases -42
Severe crush injury of index and middle fingers. Treated by amputation of middle finger and groin flap reconstruction of index finger.

7. Transsexual ( Gender Affirmation Surgery) : Transsexual Surgery is also dealt with detail, elsewhere on this website.

8. Genital Surgery: Male and Female Genital Surgery is covered elsewhere on this website.

9. Maxillofacial, Craniofacial and Orthognathic Surgery: Facial Trauma with fractures of facial bones, birth defects with deformed face and head, abnormalities of jaws are dealt with by Plastic Surgery. These are discussed in detail, elsewhere on this website.

10. Breast Surgery: Includes augmentation, reduction, lifting of female breast. Also includes reduction of male breast. This is discussed in detail elsewhere on this website.

11. Treatment of Wounds: The speciality of Plastic Surgery was born out of the need to heal complex acute and non healing wounds. Proper debridement of wounds followed by skin graft/ flap coverage or application of VAC leads to healing of nearly all wounds. Pressure sores (bedsores) are treated by using the same principles.

Cases -43
Sacral pressure sore (bedsore). Treated by rotation flap.
Cases -44
Sacral pressure sore. Treated by rotation flap.
Cases -45
Pressure sore located atypically. Treated by TFL flap.
Cases -46
Sacral pressure sore. Treated by bilateral flaps.