Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)

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Orthognathic Surgery (Orthos (straight), gnathos (jaw)) refers to the surgical procedures that are used to correct deformities of upper and lower jaws, or to bring these into better alignment for aesthetic and/or functional purpose. Jaws may be moved forward, backward, up, down or rotated to achieve a better harmony and function. Unlike Orthodontia, which involves the use of braces, to correct relatively minor discrepancies in dental relations (occlusion), Orthognathic Surgery is able to correct major imbalances between the jaws.

CASE 1 : Abnormally forward lower jaw (prognathism), corrected by surgery.

CASE 2 : Retruded chin corrected by surgery

CASE 3 : No mouth opening due to fused left tm joint, corrected by surgery

CASE 4 : No mouth opening and facial tilt, corrected by surgery of both upper and lower jaws. Right tm joint reconstructed by costochondral (rib) graft.

CASE 5 : Case of post injury hypertrophic right mandibular condyle, causing malocclusion and chin deviation, treated by condylectomy and reconstruction.