Genital Surgery

Genital Surgery

Genital Surgery

Genital surgery involves reshaping the labia, vulva or penis. Some people choose this surgery because they feel unhappy about the look of their genitals. An operation to change the look of the genitals is sometimes referred to as ‘Aesthetic genital surgery’.

Female Genital Surgery

Grafenberg (G) spot is an erogenous zone, located in anterior vaginal wall, 50-80mm inside. It is also, the location of Skene Gland, considered equivalent to prostate in males. Stimulation of G spot is reported to result in orgasm. This area can be enhanced with the help of filler such as collagen. This is an outpatient procedure and can be done in around 30 minutes.

Labia minora can be large as a result on individual variation, disease or hormonal variations. This can result in discomfort during sex or wearing tight fitting clothing. These can be reduced with the help of labiaplasty.

Sometimes, clitoris is enlarged, having the appearance of mini penis. This can be reduced with the help of clitoropexy, without reduction in clitoral sensation.

Labia Majora may be bulky/ deformed as a result of individual variation, hormonal imbalance, steroid intake. These can be safely reshaped with the help of plastic surgery. This labia can also be enhanced/ augmented with the help of own body fat injections, harvested during liposuction.

Vagina may be short/ imperforate/absent due to birth defect, intersexual anomalies or resection during cancer surgery. It can be reconstructed with the help of plastic surgery. Vaginal reconstruction may also be required during the treatment of male to female transsexuals (see sex change surgery).

Vagina may become lax as a result of repeated pregnancies, surgery. It can be tightened with the help of plastic surgery.

A sagging pubic area can be lifted with the help of an incision, above pubic hair. This surgery can also be combined with the tummy tuck operation. Another condition, where there is excessive fat in pubic area, can be corrected with the help of liposuction.

In this surgery, popularly known as revirginisation, hymen repair is carried out.

Male Genital Surgery

After investigations and a firm diagnosis, surgery is carried out. Malleable rods are inserted into the corpora cavernosa, to provide the necessary penile stiffening, which is required for intercourse. Alternatively, inflatable rods and reservoir may be implanted to simulate the natural mechanism, more accurately. These procedures may also be done in reconstructed penis.

This is achieved by unmasking the buried portion of penis, with the help of surgery at penile base.

This is done by addition of implants or alternatively, by own body fat injections.

There may be partial or complete loss of penis due to injury, severe burns, resection for cancer. Penis may be absent or small as a result of intersex condition. Penile reconstruction may also be required in female to male transsexuals (see sex change surgery ). This is usually carried out with the help of free flap transfer from forearm or thigh.

These are done in case of absent/ removed atrophic/ ectopic testes. These are also done in female to male transsexuals.

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